Home of the EZLifter brand of Telescopic Hydraulic Gantry Systems with lift capacities to over 1380 ton and the TriLifter mobile line of pick-and-carry machines with lift capacities to 110 ton.  RIGGERS is one of the leading manufacturers of specialized lifting equipment designed for safety and rugged durability.



RIGGERS is the original manufacturer of the first commercially available hydraulic gantry systems with a stable design that still proves to be a market favorite among rigging contractors and equipment installers.



The TRILIFTER product line has been a market winner since the first unit was delivered in 1986.  Its unique design allows for unmatched versatility and maneuverability in the mobile pick-and-carry machine marketplace.  Offering three ways to lift a load, plus the ability to travel under its own power with a full load make the TriLifter a must have in any machinery arsenal.


Daily Tools for Rigging Professionals

RIGGERS also manufacturers their own brand of Beam Trolleys with capacities ranging from 1 to 6 tons.  Our simple split design is easy to use and easy to maintain.  We also represent a superior line of Machinery Moving Dollies with capacities from 9 to 500 ton with a non-marking series to 120 tons.  Need to move loads around with dollies?  Check out the POWERBAR!  It makes short work of moving heavy loads on dollies with more pushing power than a 15,000 lb forklift.  One person operation and powered by 110v electricity makes the POWERBAR a secret weapon for any rigging company.


Don't see a standard model or product that suits your needs?

Give us a call and our engineering staff will supply a solution to the most complex of lifting problems.  We will custom build equipment to suit any application with safety as our paramount concern!




Upgrade your older unit with CARL

CARL (Computer Assisted Remote Lifting) is our standard control platform for all new EZLifters and TriLifters.  All Riggers products manufactured with our previous controls systems can be upgraded to CARL.

Check out how CARL can add safety and versatility to your equipment today!


for EZLifters


for TriLifters

Get more from your TriLifter

with a Riggers Boom Option!

Our new Riggers Boom option has added one more trick to the TriLifter bag.  With a maximum height of 35' (10.6m) with 25 tons(22mt), the Trilifter Riggers Boom option can take you places you only wished you could go before.


Reach new heights today!


Riggers Boom Option info

Get more from your EZLifter

with a Side Shift System!

Side Shifting a load on a hydraulic gantry system is a fairly common practice.  Contact us to explore your options to add this capability to any EZLifter!


Get your heaviest of loads moving in a new direction!




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